A little Credit Discipline = A free vacation to places you only dreamed of before! 

How can I help you?  The focus of this website is to give great tips on few main areas:

1. The best credit cards with sign up bonuses to get the most FREE travel points/miles that you can in order to take quality vacation with family. 

2.  To show, hopefully with good examples, how to gain and maintain an Excellent credit score/report in order to save money on interest (home loans, etc) and be approved for higher sign up bonuses on the best credit cards.  First, I will direct to Credit Cards that will HELP YOU BUILD your credit. 

3.  To give tips on travel and reviews of certain hotels and airlines, then which credits cards get my family to which destinations.  Also, tips on how to save money while traveling, including exchanging money, skipping lines, public transportation, and larger historical sites. 

4.  To show in a fun and entertaining way through youtube.com/FreeTravelandCreditT videos which credit cards I use to get to my vacations and my travel tips for that hotel/area/city/country.  

"If you could choose a life of dullness or a life of fullness, which would you choose?" - a friend of mine. 

Below: Just one of my many videos that show you how I use Credit cards for Free/cheaper stays and get upgraded status that helps me enjoy better rooms and then do excursions for free as well.  Enjoy and please subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  Thanks!
Define your goals - Sometimes we decide where we want to go and then get the points/miles to travel there and sometimes we gather general points/miles for the instant trip decision, like our trip to Curacao.  

          This information is not always obvious and when I first discovered it and shared it with others, I was met with scepticism more than excitement.  Over time family and friends have started to ask me for FREE TRAVEL AND CREDIT TIPS...so I have started this blog to help 24/7 at your convenience.  Read and watch, make a goal and then develop a Travel and Credit Plan.  After your first "almost free" trip...you can pursue these points and miles at a rate and schedule to your own liking, but most likely, you'll become passionate about seeing the world with your new cheaper way to travel.  
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Used our Annual Free Award night in this Marriott in Munich, Germany with our Chase Marriott card category 4 Resident Inn, one of best breakfasts we ate in Europe all included. 
This Ipad 2 with Wi-Fi - 64GB was one of my first purchases using my Chase Ultimate Reward points (Chase UR) a few years ago.  Yes, sometimes you can take cash or merchandise for your points on certain cards, but the best bang for your buck is by far using those for travel.  I cannot complain I have purchased three Ipads with points, you choose the way to spend the points/miles. 

          For your convenience I try to label each tip either CREDIT TIP or TRAVEL TIP.  Of course, they overlap and intersect and therefore some videos or tips may not be labeled.  

A CREDIT VIDEO TIP explains which card, where, and possibly some aspects of the hotel or flights I or my family have taken.  There are also specific videos just on improving credit scores and other aspects of getting the most points/miles for a buck. 

A TRAVEL VIDEO TIP explains tricks in travel, maybe how to exchange money, skip a line, find bathrooms or what coins to pay with, hotel reviews, and overviews of larger historical sites.  These videos are a must-see when traveling to these cities or countries, as it can really help save money and time. There are videos throughout this site, but if you want to see them all they are listed here: www.youtube.com/FreeTravelandCreditT