I list the cards in the order of my favorite below the video

          Usually I emphasize obtaining airline credit cards first (if you are flying to your destination) and because it can be the largest part of your vacation if you fly overseas or have a family of more than two to get there.  As with all credit card bonuses, but more often with airline miles, they can be more sometimes and less at other times.  

           Cards that give points that can be moved around to different airlines are quite useful also.  Chase Ultimate points and American Express Membership points are highly valuable and should be sought to diversity any credit miles/point seeker, listed under Bank Point Cards.  Another card that transfers will between hotel and airlines is the SPG card from AMEX, listed under Hotel Cards.  These points can obtain some nice hotels as well as, transfer (when you transfer in blocks of 20,000) to 31 airlines for a 5,000 bonus.  Also, some airline cards can be transferred to Hotels, such as Virgin Atlantic to Hilton 1:1.5
          Keep in mind that research is your friend when ordering credit.  Knowing your credit score is paramount to approval.  Know which credit cards will transfer to the airline you want to use.  For example, Chase Ultimate Reward points are the only points that transfer to Southwest Airlines.  They also transfer to United Airlines 1:1.  Membership points do not transfer to American Airlines and SPG points do not transfer to Delta.  These are just a few examples of why it is good to know where you are going and what airline hub or which airlines might fly cheaper to your desination, even if you have to drive to another hub a little further away.  In the northern mid-west, hopefully, driving to Minneapolis, Chicago, or Milwaukee is all within your options.  Larger cities on the East Coast have many different options even closer together.  Research is your friend and I hope to help in these areas. 
The family took Southwest to Florida on their Rapid Reward points via their Chase sign up bonus.  We also transferred points 1:1 from Chase Ink Business Bold card to Southwest.  They are one of the best money for your UR points.  
Goofing around in Venice - One of the best times with 3 free nights by transferring Hawaiian Airlines miles to Hilton at 1:1.5
I can't teach you to fly on private jets, but business and first class is within your reach with these sign up bonuses.  I just flew my mother-in-law from Ukraine to Chicago business class on LOT and Lufthansa via US Airways Star Alliance.  They leave the Star Alliance on March 31, 2014
The breakdown of the video: How we flew there...
1.  Researched tickets out right on sites like Expedia to see that American Airlines was the cheapest and noted the flight times, transfer cities, and flight numbers.
2.  Transferred American Express Membership points at a 35% bonus to British Airways.  I called BA first to make sure they had my flight available to and from Miami and Curacao.  After comparing, it was cheaper to use BA Avios than even America AAdvantage miles, I transferred 30,000 Membership points to BA and they became 40,500 BA Avios.
3.  Then, I went into my Chase Ultimate Rewards site and saw that it took about 25,000 points for one flight from Chicago to Miami, the same flight I searched for before to allow layover time between flights, etc.  
4.  Then, I used another 21,000 Memberships points combined with around $100 cash for the other ticket (too complicated to explain in the video so I left that out).  
5. The total for two tickets was 51k Membership points and 24,607 Chase UR points.  Plus, $60 tax each ticket and that $100, for a total of $220 in cash and 75,607.  Note: If I would have had more points it would have only been only $120 out of pocket over $800 for each ticket at that time. 
          Also, there are sweet spots and sweet deals to be had with certain cards.  The Chase Southwest Card is best applied for when they offer the 50,000 bonus (usually 3-4 times a year) and not the usual 25,000.  Besides the double Rapid Rewards points, there is chance to obtain the companion pass, when you reach 110,000 qualifying Rapid Rewards points within any given calendar year.  Right now, the sign up bonuses still quality towards the companion pass.  This pass allows you to put some (can change name up to 3 times) as your companion that flies for free with you by just paying the securities fees to the government, currently $2.50 per leg of trip.  Southwest is usually the most economical airline to fly domestically, especially when the companion pass is your wallet. 
Here's Airline Credit Cards that I have gotten over the past few years, listed in my favorite order:
1) American Airlines - from Barclays but it's no longer available, so from Citibank - love it when they offer 50,000 miles - also, the Citibank Executive AA card was nice, but had a $450 annual fee...sometimes the bonuses can get up to 100,000 miles for that card.  These miles are good for Latin America and Africa/via Europe.  Flying to Mexico is fairly decent too.
1.5) Southwest Airlines - when offered 50,000 points they can really help you fly around the USA and the Caribbean quite nicely.  Also, they have been a pleasant airline to deal with, except I don't really like the find your own seat thing. 
2) AMEX SPG card, because you can use it for hotels, but when you transfer 20,000 miles to an airline (they partner with 31 different ones) you get 25,000 miles deposited into your account.
3) Alaska Airlines - because you can use their points to fly many different airlines.  I used 50,000 Alaska Airline miles to fly business class on KLM from Chicago to Paris, that was one of my favorite flights ever.  Also, good "miles" for flights to Hawaii and oh yeah, Alaska.
4) United Airlines - I always wait until they give a 50,000 mile offer, it didn't come around for 2 years, but then I picked it up.  These are nice for flying to Hawaii, Europe, and have many award seats available.
5) Miles and More - Barclay's Lufthansa card - wait for the 50,000 mile card, but it usually requires spending $5,000 in 90 days which is difficult.  These are great points to fly to Europe with however. 
6) Virgin Atlantic - sometimes they offer 90,000 miles for a bonus which turns out to be about 70,000 miles because they require so much spending.  However, these cards can still require $12,000 spend in 6 months.  Indeed, they do have a 20,000 bonus mile offers which is fine.  I often just transfer these to HiltonHonors points because their carrier fees are so high to fly with them. 
6.5) FlexPerks - from US Bank - These are great "miles" to use on Airlines - any airline.  INDEED, the ONLY good way to use FlexPerks is on booking an airline ticket.  They are worth twice as much when used for a flight.  20,000 bonus points is the usual, and they are worth $400 in a "cash" ticket.  Therefore, you can book any ticket worth up to $400 through their back-office.  I have purchased several tickets for friends with these points over the years.  I like that there is a personal version and a business version.  If you wait until the Olympics, they sometimes offer a higher bonus based on the "metals" won by the USA teams.  But, who has time for that? :)
7) JetBlue - Barclay Bank again - 30,000 bonus miles for spending 1,000 in 3 months is out there now, but it has an annual fee of $99 - however, these "miles" are worth about $400, so it's not bad.  Just got back to Puerto Rico and the trip was alright, for a budget airline they had Wi-Fi and TV screens.
8) Delta Airlines - Again, I wait for the 50,000 bonus mile offer as these miles won't get your far.  However, if booked far enough in advance and not on popular dates, 50,000 will get you to Hawaii and back. 
9) British Airways - pretty good "miles/Avios" if you consider using them for shorter flights on American Airlines in the USA.  However, their carrier imposed fees can be quite high when using them to fly to Europe.  Still, they often have the best award availability, so it can be a trade off.  I like to get a Cash Back credit card about the same time as this card, so that when I order flights I can use that cash to pay the "taxes and fees."
10) Hawaiian Airline Miles - Often it is only 35,000 bonus miles (sometimes 50,000) but you have the annual fee upfront of $89 usually.  The thing is, besides transferring those miles to Hilton for a bonus, I don't know how to use them...unless you live on the West Coast, then you can fly to Hawaii with them.  In deed, hard to obtain through Barclays and hard to use.  However, if you have 60,000 of them you can transfer them to a partner airline and fly economy to Europe, which I will probably do someday.
11) Virgin America - I got these cards because I know they will be turned into Alaskan airline miles when the merger is complete.