I list the cards in the order of my favorite below the video

These cards are generally versatile, giving the ability to book travel directly through them, order merchandise/gift cards, or to transfer those points to certain airlines.  

         These cards should be sought after, along with, possible airline/hotel card(s) to complete a credit application run on the day you are seeking additional credit and bonuses.  However, the required spend can sometimes be high, so be aware of your spending plan and limits.  Of course, you can always "manufacture" a spend, but it is quite simple to only spend what you can afford. I will certainly show you how to manufacture a spend to pay your mortgage/rent, car payment, and regular bills, but remember all things depend on your efforts and discipline to pay off your credit card bill each month.  Negating the value of your bonus points/miles with interest payments is not using your credit wisely. 
I took this plane for free from Czech Republic through Copenhagen, Denmark on my way to Stockholm, Sweden.  How did I do it?  On a whim while touring Europe mostly on train, I became exhausted with all the slow travel.  My friend in Sweden was waiting for me to get there in a few days by train, but I couldn't wait.            Logging on to the Chase Ultimate Rewards website, I saw that my 50,000 bonus miles just posted.  Quickly, I checked flights for the next day.  Turns out, I could fly to Copenhagen for less than 10,000 points.  More than happy to skip the next 10 hour train ride, I booked the ticket and headed to the airport.  This is why bank point cards can come in handy.  There was no way I had several European airlines miles saved up to pull off a free flight on a whim.  
This is an example of how I used Chase Ultimate Reward points to purchase a hotel in Wisconsin Dells.  Note: You get 20% more value per point when you book travel with UR points.
MY FAVORITE BANK POINTS: This does not mean the credit card, but the value I place on these points when I have them and their partners/usefulness.  1. Chase Ultimate Rewards points.  2. AMEX Membership Reward points.  3. Barclay Arrival "Miles"  4.  Citibank Thank You points.  5. US Bank Flexpoints.  6. "Miles" by Discover.  7. Capital One  "Miles" 
Here's Bank Point Cards overviews...listed in my favorite order: