We all want the best percentage bag for our buck and if travel is your thing, then certain cards (depending on your travel needs) are better than others.  

          You will see from the video below and other videos that I like the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve card.  I just upgraded my AMEX Hilton card to the Surpass for free in order to get the bonus 50,000 points without a credit inquiry and both come with Hilton Gold Status included.  However, after reviewing both, the Citibank card is the better overall deal.  Yet, I will probably carry both, one in my wife's name and one in mine, so I never have a hassle with keeping Gold status with Hilton.
We stayed at the Hyatt Park Milan in Italy in the spring of 2013.  This hotel was incredible, especially when we only used our completely free two night stays through having the Chase Hyatt Visa.  This hotel and six others are now off the list after January 7, 2014 to use your two free nights, but there are still plenty of excellent Hyatts to use those two free nights that come automatically once you are approved for the Hyatt card and do their required spend.  This is another card I have no problem paying the $75 annual fee to carry in my wallet.  They give one free award night 1-4 category hotel stay every year, which can has saved me over $250 at a category 3 hotel in Hawaii.  
These are some of the cards that have annual fees but their benefits are worth maintaining them.  There are some reasons to cancel them, but each person has to know their own needs.  The Club Carlson card annual fee is $75 but they offer 40,000 points each year as a bonus, this is worth enough for a quality hotel night.  Therefore, I will keep it, plus US Bank is tougher to obtain.  
         I will keep the Chase Ink Bold, because I want to combine my Chase Freedom Ultimate Reward points and then transfer them to Southwest and Hyatt.  The Flexpoint business card because I can transfer balances and actually make money on my transfers.  These are just some of the reasons I keep these cards. 
Children really are worth the effort to vacation with, here our daughter is @Tampa Aquarium. 
 From the video...

1. Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve credit card: I would always carry this or substitute it with the American Express Hilton HHonors Surpass credit card for the Gold upgrade at Hilton and their partners.  The Citi card is better for the 2 free weekend nights, but the AMEX is better for it's annual fee, $75 verses $95 with Citi.  

2. Easy to keep and carry the American Express Hilton HHonors card because it has $0 annual fee and gives Silver status that is upgraded to Gold status after spending $20,000 in a calendar year. It does give 5 points per dollar at restaurants, supermarkets and gas stations but if you value Hilton points at 1/2 a cent, it's only 2.5% back on your money, which is OK, but sometimes you can do better. 
3.  The Hawaiian card used to be issued by Bank of America, but now is issued from Barclay (always have to give a warning, Barclay does not want to see a lot of hard credit pulls and does not want to give multiple cards, choose sparingly with them).  

WISCONSIN DELLS, WI - You better get a Chase UR point card or Barclay Arrival if you want free stays here with water parks included.  
This is the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  One of the best and biggest indoor water parks in the world.  In theory you could get their 2 for 1 night prices (usually end of the summer), put it on your Barclay Arrival card and then pay it off with the signup ~$440 bonus.  
These are two $0 annual fee cards that I recommend always carrying.  The Chase Freedom is the best of the two, because it comes with a sign up bonus worth $100-$200 and then there are quarterly spends that give 5% back up to $1,500 spent in 3 months.  That can give you 30,000 extra points per year, worth ~$375 in travel.  The "Miles by Discover card" seems to offer random spending bonuses as well, but are targeted.  However, we have made $600 worth of bonuses in the last 2 years just for spending on the card. 
Here's the Cards I carry overviews...listed in my favorite order: