Travel Tips: These can be as helpful as credit tips, when traveling:)
Traveling is a passion of mine.  The world is too beautiful to be ignored. 
Rome is the 3rd most visited city in Europe.  The Colosseum "BEST SKIP THE LINE" and bathroom tip in video.
          This picture, one of the many different pictures for sale in the Gallery (as cheap as $15 for just the digital image) is taken from the Forum looking towards the Colosseum in April 2013.  
          If you are going to the Colosseum, then this is a must watch video, also, this gives you an idea of how these little tips can save you time and money, I encourage you to take the time to watch it and explore whether you want to visit the Roman Ruins in the future.  Of course, check out how I stayed at a 5 star hotel here for free in another video. 
We came in on a train, but flying into Munich is a good option of course.  The video below shows the region and the small town where the passion play is every 10 years.  
Prague is the 6th most visited city in Europe and you can see why.  Charles bridge is the 2nd bridge in this pic. 
This video below shows the castle grounds and how to find and PAY for the bathroom. 
VENICE is a must see in my humble opinion, but it's good to bring cash, watch the video below to understand.
You and your family should experience this unique place once in a lifetime.  But, it will cost you time and money if you do not know how the wonderful little city on the water operates.  Enjoy these tips and have a trip of a lifetime. 
PISA - yes, the 3rd most famous tower in the world, here are my tips on the visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
VATICAN CITY: When in Rome...right?  Dress appropriately if you plan on seeing the largest church in the world. 
St. Peter's the largest church in the world after all, so expect some delays and a dress code.  This video is a quick overview worth watching. 
TRAVEL TIP: Remember

Remember your:

  • Passports
  • Ticket confirmation numbers
  • Driver's license
  • Cameras
  • Extra Memory or free up memory
  • Computer/Ipad/Ipod and cords
  • Necessary clothing, extras in carry on
  • Snack foods, sealed
  • Medicines, basics like lip balm
  • Sun screens (always in checked bags)
  • Keys to house and car
  • Someone you trustworthy for your mail
  • Prepay your bills or have them on auto-pay
  • Your polite and patience self:)
  • All phone numbers you need
  • Contact Credit cards and give them your travel plans if leaving the country, you don't need to "fraud shut down" while overseas.
  • Remember to sign up for any bonuses at the hotel or airlines you are using...and use those specific cards when staying with them for extra points/miles:)
  • Happy Travels