My coffee is free at airports and hotels...even in Europe because of credit cards that have lounge perks!  Tastes sweeter that way...I'm convinced, without calories:) 

                        Tips on what to take on your trips:

Remember your:

  • Passports, apply for a VISA if necessary 3-6 months before trip overseas.
  • Ticket confirmation numbers
  • Driver's license
  • Cameras
  • Extra Memory or free up memory
  • Computer/Ipad/Ipod and cords
  • Necessary clothing, extras in carry on
  • Snack foods, sealed
  • Medicines, basics like lip balm
  • Sun screens (always in checked bags)
  • Keys to house (Maybe, leave safely with relatives/trust friends)
  • Someone you trustworthy for your mail
  • Prepay your bills or have them on auto-pay
  • Lounge Passes, or Airport Lounge credit cards
  • Always ask, when paying by card, to run the credit on local currency, NOT US dollars!
  • Your polite and patience self:)
  • All phone numbers you need
  • Contact Credit cards and give them your travel plans if leaving the country, you don't need to "fraud shut down" while overseas. Remember that you can do this online with a lot of different credit cards now, saving you wait time on the phone.
  • Remember to take credit cards with "NO foreign transaction fees" when traveling out of the USA. 
  • Happy Travels
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